Search For Smarties – Getting FOUND by potential employers online

Sometimes the greatest opportunities come from being in the right PLACE at the right TIME. Fortunately for you, getting front page ranking when recruiters look for candidates doesn’t have to be a random event. Technology has tipped the hand of fate and, with a few strategic tweaks, you can make sure that the time and place are ALWAYS right.

Recruiters use EVERY means available to them to find the best people – we’re talking scouring Google (and other search engines!), Twitter, Facebook just to name a few not to mention a live LinkedIn ticker on their desktop. So why wouldn’t YOU use every online tool available to you to get found? Play the game…you CAN get found at just the right time by exactly the right people if you learn a few new tricks.

Here’s how to supercharge your resume’s “search power” in the top 5 ways that REALLY MATTER!!

Titles and Keywords
In the land of job hunting TITLE is King. Everything else you write in the copy serves as your title’s very important but supporting cast. It’s essential to make sure it contains keywords that relate to and support the titles you have chosen and that they ACCURATELY describe who you are and WHAT YOU DO. (I could write an entire post on the importance of knowing what it is that you “do” in all areas of the job search — oh, that’s right…I have! Read more on this here >

The goal of a search engine is to quickly cut through mounds of data and instantly deliver the most relevant results. Whilst titles and keywords have their place, Relevancy is the key point here so make sure the keywords you choose reflect your actual experience. Being relevant in search terms means being delivered as the exact result that was searched for. (I mean, OUR JOB is to find the most relevant candidate for a position. Search is the PERFECT tool to weed through hundreds of resumes.)
If you WANT to be an SVP but your experience is that of a Senior Manager, DON’T pack your resume full of keywords that will put you top of the list for a job you are still 10 years away from being ready for! It’s the quickest way to highlight yourself as someone who’s not right for a job and, possibly, to be dismissed for other opportunities that could lead you to your coveted SVP Title. Time is a recruiter’s most precious commodity so make sure you are worth the time we’ve invested in finding you!

Showing up number one in Google, Yahoo, Bing (for the right reasons) is great. More critical to your job hunt, however, is optimizing your resume for Job Sites like Monster, LinkedIn, Hotjobs and The Ladders. Use these sites well and use them all.
Optimize your LinkedIn profile, post your resume on Monster, Hotjobs, DICE or whatever other site suits your background. I coach candidates to use these sites strategically, to post their resumes at all times even when they aren’t looking for a job. Many jobs posted on Monster are there to comply with certain regulations or have already been filled by the time you apply. Even more likely is that you will get lost amongst the hundreds of other, likely unqualified, people who have applied for the same job. Turn the tables – use the sites pro-actively. Tighten up your resume and post it for the tech savvy recruiters to find. Not looking? Even if you are happily employed right now, there is nothing wrong with a little proactive advertising!

You’ve stood out from the crowd! You’ve been found! Your background looks relevant and recruiters are banging down your door! And that was the easy part… The whole point of getting found is CLOSING THE DEAL. And that is down to skills – interviewing skills that is. Get prepared, get focused, brush up your interview techniques – practice makes perfect!

I feel so much hpapier now I understand all this. Thanks!

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