Insider Career Advice From Wendy “The Headhuntress”

Ever wish you could spend an hour with elite executive recruiter Wendy Doulton? In one week, Wendy “The Headhuntress” Doulton is coming to Bravo with all of the straight-talking career and interviewing advice she shares with only the top candidates in the world.

Wendy’s advice isn’t always what candidates want to hear…but what they NEED to hear to get the jobs they want.

Her one hour special airs on Bravo Monday, November 14 At 10pm Et/Pt

Play the video next to this post to get a sneak peek of Wendy in “The Headhuntress” right now!

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One Hour Special, Featuring Search Firm Guru Wendy Doulton, Airs Monday, November 14 At 10pm Et/Pt

New York – With record unemployment continuing to make headlines, everyone could use a personal career coach. But only Bravo has the expertise of Wendy Doulton, star of their upcoming special, “The Headhuntress,” premiering Monday, November 14 at 10pm et/pt. As founder of the Katalyst Career Group, Doulton is known for her no-nonsense style and impressive list of Fortune 500 clients. And with over 15 years of industry experience, including in-house positions at Yahoo, DreamWorks and Google, Doulton has been an executive recruitment resource for a wide range of industries including digital media, entertainment, fashion and music. She knows how the career game is played and her sharp tongue makes it clear that she isn’t shy about voicing her opinion – whether critiquing a resume or trying to place the next great CEO, Wendy Doulton follows her gut when it comes to satisfying her clients. Her keen eye for talent has led to associations with some of America’s best known brands . And although some may describe Doulton’s tactics as unique, her results are unquestionably successful.

Starting salaries on the rise

Fresh out of college and wondering what the job market has in store for you? Check this out…According to a job survey report just published by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), the average salary for new grads entering the workforce is up by more than $2,300 – a nearly 5% increase over the previous year’s average figures.

The NACE reports positive changes in starting salaries across a variety of fields. Some specialized disciplines saw a more than 23% jump in average starting salaries!

“The steady increases in starting salary offers we’re seeing this year is a good indication that the job market for new college graduates is gathering strength,” says Marilyn Mackes, NACE executive director. And due to new industries being created, this trend will continue.

Despite fluctuating national numbers that aggregate a too broad selection of data to tell the whole story, tech and new media job growth is absolutely BOOMING and average salaries are not only starting high, they are continuing to grow.

Rapidly changing technology on the web including mobile and social media are creating a need for talented, knowledgeable people. This is a time of unparalleled opportunity for street smart job seekers of EVERY level. Get OUT THERE!

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